Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Aspirations" (unavailalbe)


"To aspire to do great things is infinitely more glorious than living in mediocrity." One of my heroes in life once said that when he died, he wanted the following statement written on his tombstone. "At least I tried." Life is so much richer if we face our fears and do the very thing we aspire to do.

My experimentations with pouring medium rage on. At present I am playing around with the timing of introducing another color into the pour. In this piece, I started with the very light bluish green color and covered most of my design space with just that color. I next introduced the quinacridone magenta + white which ended up a raspberry color. Without hesitation, I added the orange + burnt sienna. Using a plastic fork, I blended those colors a bit by running the fork through them to create a marbelized effect. The last color was raw umber. I also cannot ever resist the urge to write some gestural letters with one prong of the fork. Of course, it dissipates as the colors continue to bleed together, but it gives a different directional pull to the color. (One note about quinacridone pigments...they are a much better choice when using magentas because of their chemical components. They will not fade like regular magenta paint does.)

My desire with these type of pieces is to make sure the piece reads like a powerful abstract from across the room, but the quote can be read when seen up close. By choosing Raw Umber Gouache (Graham) for the lettering, it softens the hot pink in the lower right corner and simply looks like texture from across the room. (This particular brand of Raw Umber is much darker and richer than Winsor Newton in the same color.) Just a few more things to think about.

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