Friday, February 24, 2012

"Victory or Death" (unavailable)

( the permanent collection of dee day)

"True heroism occurs when a man chooses victory over death." Bear with all of us Texans today as we think back on this day in 1836, when William Barrett Travis wrote that fateful letter from the Alamo requesting reinforcements. Of course, Fannin and his troops had been massacred at Goliad and Sam Houston never got the message. It is a very moving letter and I've included a copy of Travis' signature and the famous closing...."Victory or Death".

If a photograph has a lot of neutrals, it is very easy to transform it into a very historical or vintage looking piece. This photo was taken while I was in San Antonio attending a workshop. It always brings tears to my eyes considering what happened there.

Erratic pencil lines, pouring medium, and charcoal powder plus the bit of collage printed on tissue paper all help to bring about the right mood and atmosphere. Pouring medium does not always need to be strong color. The effects are quite stunning when adding Golden Titan Buff or Raw Umber Fluid Acrylics to the medium. Even white will give an ethereal look. Using any one of these three colors will give an encaustic look to the piece. Just a few more things to think about.

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