Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Order and Stability"


"Pattern and routine produce order and stability." The first thing my mother taught me when we brought home our first born was to establish a good schedule. Everything turns out better when there's an established order...especially where babies and children are concerned. It works well in every area of life, too.

There are some pieces that leave me scratching my head as to how to bring it all together. The background is extremely chaotic so I decided to bring in a good grounding color like black. The common denominator between image and lettering was the collage element with the black type and letter with the same colors that are in the pouring medium.

Remember that black and white plus one or two or three other colors works every time it's tried. Black charcoal powder also helped tone down the corners and caused the white areas to glow. I can't quite decide if I personally like the piece or not, but it will stay in my possession as a study. Just something else to think about.

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