Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Mood and Feeling"

($40.00....6" x 6" mounted on a 1/8" depth clayboard panel)

"Whatever we think about triggers a particular mood and feeling." Many thoughts fly through our minds everyday. It's the person who knows which ones to discard and which ones to keep who will live a happy and successful life.

This is an unusual piece with line work going every which way. At first, I thought I might discard it, but then I realized that it actually fits the meaning of my quote. Haven't you had days when your thoughts went one way and then another all day long. The "wonky" lettering going with the original line work in the photo and then going against it is a visual metaphor for how I feel on some days.

So I did begin this piece with a photo of some old boards. I added some acrylic paint on the red and blue boards, followed by some pencil lines and lettering. Collage pieces of words and phrases were applied with gel matte medium. After this dried, I added gesso and then removed most of it with a wet sponge brush and blotting with a kleenex. Finally the quote was written along with some erratic lines.

It is all of these steps in different combinations that add visual depth and help in the exploration of new techniques. Going back to my original purpose for blogging. The actual creation of an art piece everyday is what hones skill level and causes you to think about additional things you might want to explore. Painting, lettering, and mixed media, etc....are skills that must be practiced just like piano or any other skill. Fluency and integration do not happen suddenly or by creating art work sporadically. Many pieces will not be as successful, but for those few that really work well, it is glorious! So whether you blog or have some other mechanism to keep you working every day, just do it. It will give you many things to try and think about.

Please contact me personally to inquire about this piece.

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  1. I lack the patience to learn lettering, and that's why I admire you for the dedication you've given to learning it so well. And that splash of red is really powerful in this piece!