Monday, February 27, 2012


($40.00...6" x 6".... mounted on a 1/8" clayboard panel)

"Perspective: the ability to analyze the relationship between two or more things." Perspective is an interesting word. The accurate analysis between two or more things is also very important. In order to get the optimum benefit, it is necessary to not "over reach". For instance, if I compare one year of my experience to someone's ten years of experience and think it is equal, then I'm over reaching.

This is a pouring medium piece created in a class I taught this past Saturday. It also has two collage elements printed on tissue paper. (fine art tissue paper as opposed to tissue paper in the gift wrapping section.) It is often difficult to find. Mine was purchased at Paper Place in Dallas. I have also found it in the end pages of old books in antique stores. It is a very effective way of using collage in a more integrated way. Of course you cannot place tissue paper on the tray of a printer and expect it to go through. You must first print a copy of the image on regular paper, observing how it exits the printer. Then tape a piece of the tissue paper over the image you just printed with removable tape. Place it in the tray of the printer again so that it exits the same way it did the first time. Spray with Acrylic Coating....sponge a bit of Gel Medium on the piece (not the tissue paper) and gently lay it in place.

Collage is very tricky because it can go into visual overload faster than a dog chasing a cat! This technique will help with integration. A general rule of thumb is to not include something if it does not contribute to the main idea. Be a good editor.

The word "perspective" was written on other paper, reduced, and then printed on the tissue paper. There is no way I could have achieved that on this surface. Plus the fact that I wrote it 75 times before the final. Just a few more things to try or think about.

Please contact me personally to inquire about this piece.

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