Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Glorious Days"

( the permanent collection of dee day)

"Glorious days are the ones filled with prayer and creativity." This quote was born out of all of the glorious days I've spent with artists, especially those who are on the Prayer and Creativity Team at my church. One of those days happened in a "Symphony of Layers" class in my studio yesterday. Since I was aware of several people in the class going through extraordinary circumstances, I was reminded once again that emotional pain needs a lot of healing through the arts. The more pain.....the more art and beauty is needed. To my artists in the PACT Ministry, this fact must never be forgotten! That's why we do what we do.

This piece created with pouring medium has some great colors. The one that was added last as a bit of a surprise is the light lavender. It is a tiny bit of Dioxazine Purple plus a lot of White. Another thing I tried in this one was the last minute addition of several drops of pouring medium with no color added. It creates an ethereal look by slightly mingling with the surrounding colors. You can see it at the top center left.

For those of you who do lettering....especially script, I do not do the press / release technique when writing on this surface. The entire quote is written with no pressure and the shaded strokes are added after the fact.

We discussed edges a lot in yesterday's class so I want to bring that to your attention because this piece and most pouring medium pieces have a wide range of edges. A piece with all hard edges is cold and creates a "so-so" response in the viewer. A wide range of hard edges contrast with diffused edges and color shapes that create extremely soft edges by being next to a color of similar value are all necessary to create a vibrant piece. I am convinced that is one of the appeals of this particular technique. So create away and enjoy the process and share your art with the world. It is badly needed! Just a few more things to think about.

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