Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Interval" (Draft 1)

(unavailable.....11" x 14".....Mixed Media.....Mounted on a 2" depth Clayboard)

"Interval is an expression of time or space." The word interval is not often used in everyday conversation, but it definitely is experienced by everyone on the planet. The amount of time it takes to get up and get to work is a time interval. The space between elements of design in an art piece is a space interval.

Today's piece is another experiment with mono printed rice papers and tomorrow you will see the addition of bass wood covered in mono printed rice papers, plain rice paper, and a bit of text.

My first step began by painting black gesso on a half sheet of 140 lb. HP Watercolor Paper. I then adhered one piece of mono printed rice paper to the black support with Gel Matte Medium. Wax Paper was placed on top and brayered from the center to the edges and left to dry for several hours or overnight.

I selected an 11" x 14" Clayboard (2" depth) and layed it on the selected part of the image. With a cutting mat underneath and a break off knife, I cut around the board so that my mono print was the same size as the board. I then adhered it to the board with Gel Matte Medium...followed by laying it on the board (lining up the corners) and laying wax paper on top and brayering from the center to the edge. Wipe off excess medium. Lay board on the floor...followed by wax paper....followed by a book....and then a rock. Leave to dry overnight. 

You will notice that there is a stamped zigzag image stamped in intervals and fragments over the mono print. You can use any stamp, but I personally think it is best to stick with either geometric or textured stamps or cut your own. I cut this one myself so I could have the length I needed. The one thing I would caution against is using hearts, flowers, bunnies, or any other "craftsy- cutesy" stamps. It will automatically cause your piece to deteriorate into a craft project rather than a piece of fine art.

The last edition for this first draft was thinking up my quote and then writing the word "interval" in pencil and white versals. As you can see, I am already thinking about the interval of space between letters and words. The same is true for the stamp. I also sanded (by hand) the edges and to reveal the black underneath. This included sanded on top of the piece around the edge. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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