Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Change" (Final)

($125.00......6" x 8"....Mixed Media and Kiln Formed Glass....Mounted on a 2" Depth Clayboard)

"Change replaces one thing for another." Change is never easy, but growth will not happen without it. Old strategies must often be changed for new ones in order to get where you want to go. This has many spiritual as well as secular applications.

What a difference a day makes! Many changes occurred in this piece since yesterday. The most significant one is the orientation. The kiln formed glass is now at the top rather than the bottom. It seemed much more dynamic to me. If I had rushed to adhere everything to the support, this option would have been gone. This is why I gravitate to processes that allow me options for change.

Another very important thing I've learned when doing works with glass and the kind of erratic edges created with the covered balsa wood pieces is to completely finish the clayboard by preparing it to be hung before adhering anything to the support. Touch ups are one thing, but when there is gesso, black acrylic paint, and steel wool involved, it is best not to have all of those elements on the board. Besides, you take a risk in having some glass crack in the process of installing the screw eyes. 

There were also many more additions of papers placed in key areas. I paid particular attention to where the text would be seen from the side so much more text was added before the balsa wood pieces were attached to the support (with Gel Matte Med). They were then weighted down with wax paper, followed by a bk....followed by a rock...for several hours and then more plain rice paper was adhered to cover some of the seams. This was left overnight to dry. If you try to write on freshly applied rice paper, even if it has been dried with a hair dryer, it can tear in the process of writing. So it is best to leave it overnight. 

This morning, I sprayed the piece with Spray Acrylic Coating (glass was removed) which changes the nature of the paper to appear much more translucent. You can see in yesterday's posting what it looks like before spraying. There is quite a difference.

The piece was then prepared to receive lettering with (2) parts water to (1) part gel matte medium. I gave it (3) applications to make sure the rice paper was thoroughly covered. After writing the background writing....I sprayed with acrylic coating again...prepared the surface for lettering again and wrote the versals. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

  Please contact me personally to inquire about this piece.

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