Friday, April 5, 2013

"Interval" (Final)

($200.00.....11" x 14".....Mixed media and Kiln Formed Glass...Mounted on a 2" Depth Clayboard)

"Interval is an expression of time or space." And here is the final...finally! It changed considerable since yesterday, but I am happy to have explored the concept of interval visually by playing around with intervals of space.

It often happens when creating work and minding your own business. Techniques and particular looks that you may have created several years ago crop up again in an unexpected way. And so it is with this piece. Even before I was creating kiln formed glass pieces, I enjoyed cutting a window in an old book cover and mounting it on a support with background textures etc.

So as I was bumping along yesterday, I remembered I had already fired some glass with this zigzag pattern in it so I could not resist including it in the piece. It is the only black zigzag element in the piece so it is easy to recognize. And it just provides another texture and echo of what is already going on.

So after posting yesterday's draft, I decided to tone down all of the values a bit by sanding and adding soft pastels in key areas. I also including a strip of rice paper on each bass wood covered piece that added another shape and a very light value. 

Because the bass wood elements were not adhered, I played around with those pieces until I was satisfied with the division of space. All three are touching each other with the glass piece nestled in between. They are also touching (3) sides of the design space. So I did achieve my goals of creating a piece using a single motif and selecting a quote that was completely married to the abstract visual. 

It is a bit dark and moody, but I like the texture, the dimensional quality of the bass wood, and the expressive lettering. This kind of lettering (indeed, most all lettering) requires abstraction in order to be complementary of each other. This is precisely why it is not a good idea to adhere lettering on top of a totally realistic image. Graphic designers do it all the time, but it is best to place it in a world of abstract elements for fine art.  And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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