Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Transformation" (First Firings)

There is really no quote associated with this piece yet, but the idea of transformation will be a jumping off point. The word transform is actually etched into two of the glass pieces affording me the option of combining the pieces in such a way that you will see the beginning of the word in the very textured area and the remaining letters in the lighter areas.

The final piece is in the kiln being fired as we speak so I will be posting that tomorrow. For my mixed media crowd, this process is also applicable when selecting mono printed rice papers to combine in one piece of art. What you are seeing today is several sheets of single layers of glass that have been painted on and texturized with glassline paints in various dilutions along with frits, powders, minimal stamping with a traditional stamp, and a bit of deconstruction by removing parts of the paint to create a transparent space.

The lighter two pieces with less texture were created by brushing on diagonal and crossed bands of glassline in black and one in white....using various dilutions to create interesting and transparent values. Some glass powder (orange) was applied to the white one. I did write the word transform with the corner of a palette knife in the black one to create some very thin lines.You will not be able to see it very well today, but in the final, it has orange behind it with light lavender gray opaque glass underneath.

The textured areas were seriously cropped and combined to be a counterpoint with the lighter areas. So it is much like cutting and pasting in mixed media. I was particularly mindful of including a variety of values and edges. These two design elements are the most often neglected when constructing these kind of pieces. Tomorrow will be the "reveal". And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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