Monday, April 1, 2013

"Change" (draft)

(unavailable....6" x 8" draft)

"Change replaces one thing for another." The quote today is significant for me because I am replacing the way I blog with something else. In some ways I have already made the shift in recent postings, but now I will be doing it with intentionality. There have been positive comments about seeing process rather than the completed piece each day. So now you will never know. Some days will be a completed 6" x 6" oil painting and some days will be larger works in progress followed by a posting of the final piece.

Another part of my motivation affords me the additional time I need to work on different sizes rather than a daily goal of one particular size. It has been a real juggling act to work on larger pieces while continuing to complete a small work each day.

There are many of you who also want to know more about the mixed media process and the many variations on the theme using the same materials. This new shifting will hopefully help you come up with new ideas as I share my process.

In today's piece, there are (8) different components placed on a 6" x 8" clayboard. My process began by adhering a cropped piece of mono printed rice paper to the support. You can still see portions of that mono print through the transparent and kiln formed glass. 

The other pieces are simply cut pieces of balsa wood...with the edges sanded and primed with white gesso. I then wrapped each individual piece with text pages, mono printed rice papers, and plain rice paper. The pieces are not adhered to the board yet so that I can study what is there and have options. It does help to take a photograph and study the piece in that format before making final decisions. So your camera is your friend. It helps you see things you might not otherwise see. 

Tomorrow you will see the final piece and will be able to tell what changes were made. I will also be spending more time on practicing my lettering. This entire process will give me a more relaxed, but daily connection with all aspects of my process. Today, I will also begin (4-5) more pieces in different sizes and different approaches. There are some layering techniques in the past that I intend to resurrect as well. Hang on for the ride! And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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  1. I love seeing your process photos, Dee! All of the layers on this piece are really coming along, can't wait to see it finished!