Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Transformation" (Final Firing)

($300.00.....8" x 10"....Kiln Formed Glass.....Presented in a Limestone Base)

Even though this piece does not have a particular quote, the word written in glass is "transform". The exhibit I am working on now is "The Psalms". Consequently, this piece will be associated with a Psalm that I have not selected yet, although I have several in mind.

The very nature of the textures and imagery have numerous spiritual implications as well as just viewing it as a contrast in texture, line, transparency, edges, etc. The separate pieces of glass that I posted yesterday were cut and reassembled with more opaque and tinted glass added to create this three layer collage. (The textured section on the left is transparent where you see white....the right side where the crosses are was fired on top of an opaque glass with a pale lavender tint.)

It is exactly the same process used in creating a mixed media piece. You might be surrounded by mono printed rice papers which is equivalent to what I showed yesterday in sheets of glass. You then get out your cropping "L's" and make design decisions based on what you have created in single layers. By adding plain rice paper, text pages, or opaque glass, or tinted glass, you begin to reassemble and design your piece based on what you want to visually describe.

More often than not, you will discover that the piece tells you what it needs and your original thought may go by the wayside completely or change dramatically from your original thought. So be prepared to enter this process with joy and when you feel satisfied.....STOP! And of course, this is the hardest part. 

You can have a way of knowing when enough is enough by testing each addition to your piece. After deciding on a particular element of glass or paper, lay it down and then take it away. If the piece looks more confusing or just the same with the additional element...then remove it and be done. You might also try something totally unexpected and use the same test. If you go beyond the point where the piece is really finished, it will look contrived rather than convincing.

I am also making the case here for having adequate amounts of single layered glass that you have designed or adequate amounts of mono printed rice papers. You will need to have on hand a range of contrasting colors, values, shapes, textures and edges in order to be able to get as close as possible to the best piece you can create at this moment in time. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

Please contact me personally to inquire about this piece.

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