Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Static vs. Dynamic" (Second Firing)

(inspiration image)



"Static and dynamic can also have diffused edges." There really is no quote with these particular pieces, but I am still stuck on edges.  Both of these images after their second firing have an inclusion of softer edges and color added.

This was an exercise and not the way I would typically create a glass piece. Very hard lines in a piece with no diffused or soft edges more often than not will keep the viewer from staying engaged with the image for any length of time.

Viewers are drawn in by the mood created by the artist with a more balanced inclusion of both static and dynamic directional lines and by hard and soft edges with a full range in between.

As you can see, I cropped the images from yesterday and added powders. In keeping with my original inspiration image, I rewrote some of the strokes of my original brush lettering and cut a stencil. Spring Green powders were sifted onto the stencil first, followed by Chartreuse powders. I then added "magic brown" powders (a combination of all leftover powders from other projects), Charcoal Gray, and Black in the background areas especially around the edges.  Chartreuse Frit was sprinkled over parts of that. 

And after the piece was fired, I added more black powders around the lettering and "scooted" it into place with a sponge brush. To be honest, I was not fond of this exercise, but today's images are growing on me a bit. You can see a contrast between harder edges and the more diffused edges of the Chartreuse letter fragments which created a more organic counterpoint to the very geometric shapes with super straight lines.

The emotion created by the brush lettering with the slight curve is more pronounced against those straight lines. I was the only one in the class that did not add stringers. And as you can see from the inspiration image, I simply had to confront my aversion to hard lines yesterday and this was my way of confronting them. Glass powders are your friends if you gravitate to more "arty" and "ethereal" effects. And of course....I do. The glass pieces in the next few days will be my style and approach. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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  1. Intriguing look developing with this piece. I like the depth and colors (of course). I am glad you are having fun in your class! I know this will springboard you to many new creative pieces. ~s