Friday, March 9, 2012

"Change Agents" (unavailable)

( the permanent collection of dee day)

"Words are just words until they are applied to life as change agents." There are bits of wisdom buried in books, speeches, and sermons that have appeared in my mind like neon signs. One of them I recall quite vividly from my own pastor...."If I haven't obeyed, I haven't listened." Ouch! That one hurt a bit, but it keeps coming to mind and has actually helped me at times when I needed to do something that was difficult, but right.

Transparency is one of those elusive things in art that artists everywhere have tried to incorporate into their layering process. In this piece, as in others, I have printed onto very, very thin tissue paper. It is difficult to find, but if you need just one word or line, you might try printing on removable tape. Just be sure you lay it down into gel matte medium on your piece so the bit of adhesive is not making contact with your paper. (Over time, it can eat a hole in your paper...but acrylic emulsions do resolve that problem. I thank God for them every day!)  Also, don't forget to spray your print with acrylic spray coating or it will rub off.

If you desire to see lettering or imagery, but want it to be imbedded in your piece, diluted gesso or acrylic glazing medium are good choices. You can add water to both of these products and apply thin coats (drying in between) with a sponge brush or credit card until the degree of transparency is reached.

For those persons new to lettering or layering, it may be difficult to overcome the fear of writing or adhering something over another image. There is a strong tendency to avoid doing that and place elements on a solid background instead.  However, it is necessary to realize that layering, especially transparent layering creates depth. And if the truth be known, all art work is lettering to a greater or lesser degree. Just a few more things to think about.

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