Saturday, March 17, 2012

"True Calling" (Sold)


"The gravitational pull of a deep desire to do one thing above all others reveals your true calling in life." It is a great feeling to know that you're doing what you are "wired" to do. I have noticed that a person may be generally working in the area of their gifting and as they continue on in that general area of focus, it becomes very specific over time.

The colors in this piece are very tropical and genuinely appear happy. That mood completely mirrors the feeling of working in an area that perfectly fits who you are. One of my favorite parts of this piece is the very quiet area in the top right corner where very little is going on. When cropping these pieces, I look for those areas to include...even if I am forced to leave something out that is a favorite part. The reason cannot be overstated. The eye must have a place to rest in a piece of artwork. This is especially true where the majority of the design space is filled with movement and color.

Another thing that is often overlooked is an insatiable desire to place too many elements in a given piece. I often ask myself this question..."Is this element of design contributing to the main thing or is it detracting from the main thing?" If there is any doubt...leave it out.   Just something else to think about.

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  1. You give the best art techniques and tips on this blog, Dee. I'm thankful to have it as a reference! The colors are AMAZING in this one, they remind me of marbled paper, beautiful!