Sunday, March 25, 2012


($200.00....12" x 12"....mounted on a 2.0" depth clayboard)

"My child, you can trust the man who died for you. If you cannot trust Him, whom can you trust?" This is a quote by L.B. Cowman. She is best known for a devotional book entitled Streams In The Desert. This is the last in a series of pieces I created for an exhibit called... "New Beginnings"... now showing at Hill Country Bible Church NW.

This piece was created by first adhering a sheet of blank 140 lb HP watercolor paper to a clayboard. I then added some erratic lines and gestural writing.

The cross in the middle is a photograph I took at a restaurant in San Antonio. After printing it on transparent tissue paper, it was adhered to the support with gel matte medium and dried thoroughly. All of the succeeding layers were created with white gesso, soft pastels, and charcoal powder.

To add some more interest and texture, I printed some fragments of a commercial stamp with Speedball Printing Ink (water soluble). Simply brayer some of the ink onto the stamp and print. You will then need to used Spray Acrylic Coating to fix the stamped imaged before taking the next step.  (I also used the brayer by itself to add some of the black printing ink over the gesso.)

And here is a wonderful tip for surfaces that may not have enough "tooth" to hold the pastels and charcoal powder. Brush on a coat (or two) of Liquitex Clear Gesso. It will alter your surface by giving it a texture similar to light sandpaper. It holds the pastels beautifully without altering the look of the previous layers. Just a few more things to try or think about.

Please contact me personally to inquire about this piece.

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