Friday, March 2, 2012

"A Grand State" (unavailable)

( the permanent collection of dee day)

"Independence gave us a grand flag for a grand state." Today is Texas Independence Day so, of course, we need to commemorate such a grand occasion with a grand flag. Enjoy Texas today!

I was going for the old, historic look in this piece. I did create a mono print and erratic pencil lines on the paper before it was printed. After spraying the image (3x) with Spray Acrylic Coating and adhering to a clayboard panel...pouring medium mixed with Golden Titan Buff was poured over the entire piece. I sprayed with water to expose the areas to be highlighted and allowed it to dry overnight. I always use spencerian script when going for a historical feel so here it is with a bit of color bleed in the flag. This often happens, even after spraying the image (3x)...especially when wet medium is sitting on it overnight. I like the effect for this piece, but if it bothers you, blot the area where you don't want any "bleed" immediately after applying the pouring medium and spraying with water.

 Just a few more things to think about.

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  1. Love the soft look of this, Dee! This is one classy painting, pure Texan!