Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Swept Away"

( the permanent collection of dee day)

"The power of peace is swept away with worry." This quote is a friendly reminder to not go to the place of "worry". It will ruin your health and it accomplishes nothing. It is probably the most useless activity there is. The Bible gives us another solution to worry and that solution is prayer.

Another name for these pouring medium pieces is "moving color". This particular one had a sweeping band of white moving upwards which fits beautifully with my quote. Another aspect of this piece is the titan buff used as the first layer and then titanium white poured into the raw umber. That particular combination creates the veiled ethereal look that is so compelling. You can see it above the decorated capital on the right hand side. And since the quote refers to the power of peace...the red was appropriate. Red is the epitomy of power and this particular one creates a glowing effect. It is Quinacridone Burnt Orange (Golden Fluid Acrylic).

The choice of including a very old style decorated cap and text to be included here is my love for the extreme contrast between something very archaic and something abstract and contemporary. The combination is unbeatable in terms of contrast. If you are creating with mixed media, it is so invigorating to "brain storm" about the choices you make about techniques and collage inclusions. Sometimes the very thing you think would be bizarre is the deal maker. And these are just a few more things for you to think about.

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