Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Discipline Equals Freedom" (sold)


"Discipline equals freedom: a good strategy for exiting an emotional roller coaster." Runaway feelings can land you on an emotional roller coaster unless a decision is made. The best decision is to stay disciplined and keep doing what you need to be doing to progress in life. The intense feelings will subside.

No process has been more creative for me than to respond to an image and actually attach a meaning to my case, a one line quote. I am growing more fond of abstract art, but know myself well enough to realize I will inject realism again. What makes someone come into my studio and remark on the page of practice where I did my last 6 x 6? I realized it was the erratic pen marks made when I wanted to be sure the medium was coming out of the pen. They were going every which direction and then there was a word or two written when I was determining the lenght of the word or line before writing it on the final.

I have concluded that most people find this fascinating because you are allowing them to peer into your process a bit. And then there are artists who deliberately try to mess things up to create spontaneity. And then they will paint or write something beautiful on top of all that mess. It's quite fascinating to determine why this is so compelling to look at, but I am considering doing a bit more of that kind of thing...starting with the first layer.... including odd erratic marks made with different tools and then beginning the pouring medium process over that. Now that is something to think about and you just may see it tomorrow.

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