Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Lines of Choice"

($40.00.....6" x 6"...mounted on a 1/8" depth clayboard panel)

"Life is like an aged photograph etched with the lines of choice." Choices are the most powerful tool any of us has to alter the course of our life. This is especially true in a free society where we can choose to come and go at will. It is the cumulative effect of choices that make a life rich or destroyed. It's a choice.

As a visual artist, it is impossible to run away from the power created by division of space. It doesn't seem to matter what medium it is or whether the subject matter is realism, abstraction, or somewhere in between. The fact remains that all paintings of all types are made up of shapes. Those shapes create the way the space is divided. One of the most prolific daily painters (Carol Marine...oils) has compelling images because of the way her still life set ups are cropped and painted on the support. She has a great many diagonals plus the straight forward and confident brush strokes are also laid down in many different directions creating a rhythm which is mesmerizing.

The problem with all of us is that it is way too easy to shut off our brains and not intentionally think about these things. The result is often the same old thing with a still life placed in the center with negative space all around or the shadows and draping going off of the page, but always looking at the set up from the same angle. It's time to think because if any of us finds ourselves doing what thousands of others are doing, the viewer will tune out. There are simply too many compelling visuals out there so we must consider creating work that is not seen every day. In other words, to set ourselves apart somehow....some way. It is just something to think about. The division of space in this piece was created in layers with the lines playing a key role in how the space iwas divided, but it start with the division of space created by the photograph.

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