Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Unfolding Biography" (sold)


"Each day is like turning the page of my unfolding biography." The day takes on new meaning when placed in this context. It is true that each day is precious and we are choosing our own biography with our daily choices. Write a good one!

I am beginning to think in terms of what I can do in the first layer to create even more depth. In this piece, there are gestural marks and erratic lines done with a sharp pencil before the pouring medium was added. You could add the pencil lines after the fact, but it would not have the same "lost and found" edges and subtlety going on. Some of the lines got lost completely and others emerge and then disappear. It is quite fascinating and I would encourage you to try it yourself. It all goes back to the transparency issue and giving the viewer the illusion that they are looking into an infinite variety of layers.

My encouragement to everyone working in mixed media is to not give up on a particular technique too soon. By doing it day after day, you will continue to see new things and your entire process will keep evolving.

As for the choice of colors, it is more effective to play warm against cool in these types of pieces. The purple choice in this piece is Brilliant Violet Fluid Acrylic mixed with a bit of Raw Umber. It has more depth with the Raw Umber added and becomes warmer in temperature. The Hansa Yellow Medium was also mixed with a bit of Raw Umber making it warmer as well. The cool temperature color is the Cobalt Blue mixed with Titanium White. I guarantee that this piece would not have the same impact without the addition of the blue. Notice the "glowing" effect where it mingles with the darkest parts of the Violet and how it completely merges and becomes the same value of the other two colors when they become more diluted and mixed on the right hand side. It's these kind of observations that will assist you in deciding your colors for your next pour. Just a few more things to try or think about.

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